The French Country Style

If you often dream of living in the countryside, surrounded by fields of lavender and enjoying a magnificent stone fireplace, this style is for you.

There is an inherent magic to rustic décor that offers the immediate effect of feeling at home. If we add the delicate French taste for shapes and colors to this aesthetic, we get the French Country style, the most chic of the rustic looks.

Even the most urban house comes to life and country flavor with this style. Trim, earth tones, mustard yellows, and warmer reds fill these spaces, infusing them with life and warmth. Within the French Country style we find three main variants: The French Farmhouse, the French Provincial and the French Chateau. Still, they all have most the elements in common.

Toile de Jouy, flowers in the upholstery and farm animal motifs add the classic look we seek in French country. As if we were in a wonderful house hidden in the most beautiful French little village.


We are going on a trip to Provence and the French countryside, immersing ourselves in the lavender fields. The warm and casual feel of this style is well suited to any type of home. We just need to know some keys and incorporate their elements into our decoration.

The colors of French Country

This is one of the styles that uses more colors in decoration. Ideally, all of them should appear, and that the combination and quantity are correct. We have colors that evoke the sun, such as yellows and soft gold tones, rusty red, etc.

Also those that hint at prairies and hunting, such as green grass or dark green. All of them mix and match with the colors of the clean sky and the ocean, like water blue.

Bright grays and blacks are used to define bold colors and add contrast and relief. The furniture likes the tones of the rusty metal, as well as the lighting fixtures.

Colección Chateau Garden by Sonia Budner. Se puede comprar aqui

The textures of the walls, floors and ceilings of the French Country stand out for their materials, such as the pale plaster on walls and ceilings crossed by dark wood beams that also characterize the beautifully carved floors and furniture.

Colorful Provencal patterned fabrics blend with plain upholstery in natural tones. Natural materials are one of its most important elements. Plaster walls can be stained in earthy colors. The backs of chairs and armchairs in mesh fabric are another characteristic element.

On the floors we also find natural stone, and they are covered by large and warm wool or cotton rugs. Stone is a recurring element of the French country that we also find in its large fireplaces, mixed with decorated ceramic tiles.

French country fireplaces are magnificently adorned with Provencal herb bouquets, copper pots and a host of iron accessories. They are perfect places to snuggle, read and live magical moments.

French Country Style Furniture

These rooms are filled with rustic curved panel furniture, beautiful handcrafted ornaments and lots of raw wood. Closets of all kinds are not lacking. In this style everything is stored, be it dresses, pots, dishes, towels or bedding.

Another key piece is the large and important dining tables, which can be round or rectangular and finished very rustic. Curved elements are added in the silhouettes of the chairs, usually in a ladderback style. French country style furniture is full of wrought iron inlays.

The Textiles

The wonderful colors of the French Countryside are added here through the fabrics, upholstery and decorative textile accessories. Traditional patterned fabrics go well with basic checks and stripes.

Colección Baroque French Country by Sonia Budner. Se puede comprar aquí

In floral pattern fabrics, the predominant colors are green, orange and lavender tones. Decorative motifs on textiles evoke farm life and are filled with birds, sunflowers, olives, grapes, and lavender, applied to upholstery, tablecloths and curtains. Our protagonist: El Toile de Jouy.

The toile is the traditional design par excellence of the French rustic. On a white or beige cotton or linen background, motifs of country scenes are printed in a single contrasting color, which is usually red, hot pink, blue, black or green. These last two colors, black or green, are our safe bet for a very current French Country style.

Colección Chateau Garden, French Country by Sonia Budner. Se puede comprar aquí :

French Country accessories

This is a wildly inspiring rustic style. We will use large baskets, old metal jugs, copper utensils, tiles, ceramics, pieces carved in wood …

A multitude of paintings and pictures adorn the walls, and their themes are rural, preferably old and dominated by dark colors. These french country houses are full of flowers on the outside and inside. Geraniums and lavender cannot be missing in the interior of a room decorated in this style.

The French Country, Baroque and Chateau Gardens style collections, designed by Sonia Budner, can be purchased from Etsy’s Queen Home Design store.

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