Roses, roses, roses

We love roses. They are the messengers of good weather and spring and we do not want to settle for having them only in the garden.

Roses are a symbol of happiness, love, friendship and they improve our mood, both for their beautiful presence and for their penetrating fragrance.

They look spectacular on coffee tables, although we love to see them everywhere: on study or work tables, on bedside tables, on the hall sideboard or in the bathroom.

But we have already said that we do not resign ourselves to just one time of the year. That is why we have decided to bring the roses home in every possible way. We have put together some ideas so you can have them at home all year long.

Natural roses

In its natural version, we can use roses as cut flowers, as well as their petals in a relaxing bath, placed inside tulle bags in the drawers or filling bowls and ashtrays.

Also the jars or mason jars are perfect to fill with petals, even with the full roses before they wither. Dare to combine its colors with the rest of the decoration at home.

Whiltshire Garden Collection by Sonia Budner. Available at Queen Home Design online store

If they are red, remember to add an element of this color close to the bouquet, such as a cushion. You will be able to give meaning and balance to the composition.

The centerpieces with natural roses can be made very original if we use elements that do not have the same function as containers. For example: large seashells are perfect for placing a small bouquet of roses as a centerpiece.

Reuse items such as old metal garden watering cans, old glass bottles, and even china tureens. All this will add to the romantic touch that fresh roses bring to your home.

A very sophisticated touch can be achieved by using glass containers filled with water and placing the floating flowers next to some tea lights.

In textiles

When we talk about floral prints based on roses, we are dealing with one of the most exquisite decorative elements in interior design, but also one that requires knowing some tricks to use them correctly.

Each floral pattern of roses has its own personality that is determined, above all, by the size of the roses, the botanical fabric that accompanies them and by their colors.

We love these types of patterns, although they are a bit intimidating when using them at home. But once you have some guidelines it will be very easy and rewarding to work with them.

Abbey Collection by Sonia Budner. English Cottage Style. Available at Queen Home Design online store

The size of the flowers and the elements that we cover with these prints on textiles is the one that most affects the mood. Large roses covering a small element, like a box, transmit freshness. A fabric of these small flowers on a large cushion produces a very sweet and romantic vintage feel.

An ideal piece to cover with a floral pattern upholstery is the sofa. It should be noted that roses already give a lot of character by themselves to any piece of furniture. Therefore, it is not advisable to add ruffles, unless we want to reproduce a very marked shabby chic style.

If you’re not one of the brave roses on the couch, don’t worry. The carpet is always the recurring element to cover our floor with wonderful roses all year round.

If you also combine them with a smooth sofa and add cushions with a pattern similar to that of the carpet, the result you will get will be very refined and, equally, brave and original.

On the wall

The new wall murals that appeared on the market give us the possibility to add the floral element of roses in any space in a spectacular way. The finishes are so precise and lifelike that you can almost end up smelling the fragrance of these wonders of nature.

These romantic images are a very current trend in interior decoration. It is a wonderful way to bring the rose garden to the living room or bedroom.

You just have to add some decorative accessories afterwards that make the looks of the mural associate with the rest of the decoration and success is guaranteed.

Original article by Sonia Budner for Decortips

Sonia Budner

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Studies in Psychology, tireless traveler and passionate about history and art.

Author of the book of biographical series, History Knitters

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